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Read Right’s highly effective tutoring is now available online for children, teens, and adults. Our caring Online Tutors are trained in the comprehensive Read Right Tutoring System and use video conferencing technology so student and tutor can see and hear each other.  Tutor anywhere—at home, school, or on the road!

Why Online Tutoring?


We use a unique system granted a patent by the U.S. Patent Office that has been validated through rigorous scientific research as highly effective. That research has been positively reviewed by the National Center for Response to Intervention.


Read Right students receive tutoring in the comfort and convenience of home, school, or any location that has high-speed internet access. The online video-conferencing system is easy to set up and use. Our tutors will walk you through the processd.


Tutoring is private and confidential. Students often feel less self-conscious because tutoring occurs in the privacy of their own homes.


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How Read Right Was Developed

Read right would have never been developed if Dr Dee Tadlock’s son hadn’t had a reading problem. She set out on a quest.

What Parents Are Saying

“My son, Chase, started 4th grade a couple of weeks ago and went through all of the usual reading assessments. His teacher told me he came in third in the class…and first in comprehension! THANK YOU for all that you have done for my son to help him become an excellent reader and a confident student.” – Megan, mother of Chase, a Read Right graduate