Testimonies Of Reading Improvement

Read Right Online Tutoring has many fans! Consider what a few of our students, parents and educators say. At Read Right, our online tutors get rapid results!

I saw a student make a complete transformation. We heard that one of our small group instructors was doing (Read Right) with middle school struggling readers, so we asked to send one of our 9th graders down. Both his English and reading were weak when he started, but we were blown away after three months. He started performing successfully in classes. I've never seen anything like it.

— Mr. Jamison, Brooklyn-area high school, NYC — 

Our granddaughter progressed from a tense and halting reader who was shy and inward, to one who not only discovered her ability to read excellently, but who actually enjoyed reading! Today our granddaughter is a confident teenager who does well in school and loves to read. As the grandparents who supported this rapid transformation, we\\\'ve received hugs and appreciation, but it is the ReadRight system pioneered by Dee Tadlock, and our granddaughter\\\'s expert ReadRight tutor, that deserves the credit. Dee Tadlock is a visionary leader. I have the greatest admiration for her contribution to the field of reading education, and for her heartfelt commitment to helping struggling readers. -- Submitted to LinkedIn

— Jack, Elias — 

Read Right has found the solution to what we need to do to get students to read. 

— Toni Pace, Former High School Principal, Washington — 

I just want you to know that this whole experience thus far has been the best thing that has ever happened to Jonathan. You have given him something that I thought was lost. HOPE. I know that as a mother you can understand how heartbreaking it is to see someone you love so much struggle so hard and still get no results. Jonathan and I both know that all of that has changed and I could never thank you enough for relighting the end of that long dark tunnel he was following.

— Donna T, Lanett, Alabama — 

Teaching with Read Right is one of the most gratifying things I have ever done. Enjoy watching the miracles.

— R. Janet Warlraven — 

This works! I could barely read when I started. My Read Right tutor told me to stop using my finger to read, but I thought she was crazy. She said the brain is a whole lot more powerful when it can decide where to look while it reads. Snap--it worked! Right away I started reading better! I still wonder wassup with that? 

— Jamal, Grade 7, Home School — 

My first-grader is bright, but she was falling further and further behind her peers in reading, to the point she didn't like school. Phonics and decoding weren't working for her. After three weeks in Read Right, she loved to read and go to school. Last week she read a book to her peers--and she was so proud. Such a transformation!

— Allison, Parent, New Zealand — 

When my son was 9 years old, his teachers wanted to hold him back and assign him to special education. Do I think Read Right made a difference?  100% yes!  Ethan was on the way to a lifelong disability that was totally man-made and unnecessary. He didn't need special ed -- he needed Read Right! Last year, as an 11th grader, he took dual high school/college courses and was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa--a collegiate organization for academic excellence! I believe with all of my heart that Ethan would not be where he is right now without Read Right.

— Sheri Schuetze, Parent —