Testimonies Of Reading Improvement

At Read Right we know our online reading tutoring program works and we have the testimonies to prove it. Here are a few testimonies from our students, parents and educators. These are testimonies about struggling readers who improved their reading skills using Read Right’s reading program and online reading tutoring for all ages. At Read Right we get rapid results.

We have testimony from parent after parent—nothing but Read Right made their kids successful readers!

— Melinda Reeves, 2004 Texas High School Principal of the Year — 

The Read Right program is awesome! My son has been participating in the online tutoring for a couple of months now, and I'm very impressed with the progress he has made in such a short amount of time. Specifically, when he reads out loud, it is much smoother and clearer, and his reading speed and comprehension have both improved dramatically.

— Mother of Read Right Student — 

My 2nd grade son took his STAR reading test (what his school uses to measure reading progress) last week. He scored 1 grade level and 2 months (1.2) higher than he scored on the STAR in Sept. before he started Read Right. Excellent results after just 15 hours of Read Right tutoring! He loves to read now, and he's reading 2-3 chapter books a week. He has some more improvements to make in his fluency, but I know he will continue to make those improvements.

— Mother of Successful Reader — 

In ten years of teaching in both public and private schools, from Phillips Academy at Andover to the New York City public schools and now in Eugene, Oregon, I have never encountered a reading program that has worked for EVERY SINGLE student who walked into my classroom. But the Read Right methodology does just that! It works for all students - from those with dyslexia to Advanced Placement students. Using Dr. Tadlock\'s methods, I have seen high school students who have struggled with reading since entering school become excellent readers. If more schools utilized these methods in the early grades, we would have far fewer high school students who are still struggling readers.                                                                                                                                                  

— Amy, HS Teacher — 

We were blown away the first time when we went and looked at the students' [Gates-MacGinitie] test results. ...The thing that has probably been the most surprising by-product has been the student success in classes other than reading. Our ELA teachers have all just lauded the program ...We started hearing that reaction from our science, our math, and our social studies teachers, as well. The biggest improvement that we saw initially was actually the test results in those areas. …Not only can I recommend it as a solution, I can recommend it as THE solution.

— Travis, Curriculum & Instruction Supervisor — 

I love the Read Right program. I think schools would be amazed at how well it works. ...We have all students that have lots of issues going on at the same time in the Read Right program. They are all making progress. It is an impressive program. Just to see the children to be functionally non-readers reading at a 1st grade level in 6th grade and make it to the end of 6th grade reading at a 6th grade level, what’s not to like about that?

— Mary Jo, Director of Special Programs, Mariana Bracetti Charter Academy — 

We’re seeing phenomenal, dramatic results. The Coop that serves 10 Texas districts has reduced the number of students in the region needing special education services by 50% (from 1,300 to less than 650), with the number of referrals to special education services down by 75%.

— Pat, Director of Special Education — 

Our students are assigned because of discipline management problems... Out of 33,000 kids, 1,000 come here each year. Read Right has a curriculum that can be followed by any student we have. It can be modified for any kid. I've seen young men and young ladies who are one or two years behind in reading come up one or two years in the 30 days that they are here. The smiles on these kids’ faces are worth more than anything.

— Dr. Vic Rucker, Principal, Secondary Reassignment Center (middle and high school) —