Testimonies Of Reading Improvement

At Read Right we know our online reading tutoring program works and we have the testimonies to prove it. Here are a few testimonies from our students, parents and educators. These are testimonies about struggling readers who improved their reading skills using Read Right’s reading program and online reading tutoring for all ages. At Read Right we get rapid results.

We have seen in some cases miracles, but in all cases advancement in their reading. We are seeing kids who are passing  [the state reading test] who would never have had a chance to pass because they couldn’t read.

— Jo, Read Right Tutor & Trainer, High School — 

The parents were amazed about how the program really made a difference in their children’s reading. What a great program!

— Karen Garreau, Lakota Read Right Tutor, Upper Elementary Eagle, Butte, South Dakota — 

This Read Right program really is phenomenal in doing the job of helping the students who have really "missed the boat", so to speak. We still have so many students who fall into that category of not being able to learn to effectively read with standard reading methods.

— Sharon, Texas Read Right tutor — 

Teaching with Read Right is one of the most gratifying things I have ever done. Enjoy watching the miracles.

— R. Janet Warlraven — 

 It’s a humbling experience to see what these kids are capable of achieving. We want to let other educators know. There is a new way to teach reading. There is a better, new way.

— Raymond Elementary Title 1 Coordinator & Read Right Primary Core Curriculum Trainer — 

After the first week or so, in a very, very short period of time, we noticed drastic changes... When I walk into the classroom today, they’re all engaged. They’re engaged in their reading, their engaged in their math; they’re engaged in teams and working together. They’re engaged in life. And from that perspective, Read Right has really saved their lives.

— Mark Keating, Principal,, Elma, WA — 

Read Right has proved to be the tool that has enabled school staff to serve our students in a way that no one thought was possible. For many students, solving their reading problems with Read Right tutoring has been a ticket out of special education. The dramatic results speak for themselves. Read Right works!

— Dr. Pat Harper, Executive Director, Freestone Navarro Bi-County Special Education Cooperative, Texas — 

Last night were Scott’s conferences. The teachers said he’s doing phenomenal. He’s reading at a 6th grade level (which you already knew). He’s reading for pleasure! He tells people that reading is his best trait. His academy teacher posts leaves on a window when a child reads a book. 7 of the 17 leaves belong to Scott. No other student has more than one book read! Scott also offers to help kids who are struggling with reading.

— Scott's Mother —