Testimonies Of Reading Improvement

At Read Right we know our online reading tutoring program works and we have the testimonies to prove it. Here are a few testimonies from our students, parents and educators. These are testimonies about struggling readers who improved their reading skills using Read Right’s reading program and online reading tutoring for all ages. At Read Right we get rapid results.

You need to be a low-cost manufacturer. That means you need cells and TPM and team involvement. Teams are critical to being competitive, and RR is vital to getting people to participate on teams.

— Tim Thomas, Vice President for Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, Deknatel, Falls River, MA — 

It was an absolute pleasure to hear one of the Read Right pupils present a written briefing to the Agri-products Supply Chain Project team and his peer group this week. His written report, presentation style, ability to read the report without difficulty, and the ability of his audience to follow, assimilate, and understand his points and position taken has improved 1,000 fold. The credit for this has to go to the Read Right program.

— Doug Clark, Manager, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada — 

When I read I feel different; I feel that it is easier. I don’t struggle to read each word. I simply look at text, and it seems like text is talking to me. It flows in a line of thought; as a result it is much easier to understand. It doesn’t feel to me as though I am reading, it sounds. . . I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe it is like reading someone’s thoughts. It’s not about the text; it’s all about meanings and I think I just get the meanings.

— Student, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, WA — 

Both teachers and students are thrilled with the transformative effect Read Right has on students.

— Joan Nealey, Director, Communications Learning Center, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, WA — 

The president announced that, at ACTC, our reading retention data was five times higher than any of the other colleges in our Kentucky Community College System. Everybody was excited!

— Barbara Nicholls, Reading Professor and Read Right Trainer, Ashland Community and Technical College, Ashland, KY — 

I noticed that those students actively involved in the Read Right program improved their reading speed and their comprehension skills in English. Also, their pronunciation and rhythm while speaking in English and their vocabulary grew stronger. As a result, I could see that the students felt more confident in acquiring the English language. I am thankful for this great resource. I highly recommend it, and I strongly encourage other instructors to take advantage of it on behalf of their students’ success.

— Marcela Hebbard, English as a Second Language Instructor, South Texas College — 

We have increased demand for Read Right on our campus because of word of mouth. Word is getting out that this is a program that works, and students want to be able to improve their reading in the shortest time possible.

— Karen Poor, Read Right Tutor, Ashland Community & Technical College, Ashland, KY — 

Read Right should be offered to every kid in kindergarten on up. Now, after becoming an excellent reader, I know I wouldn’t have ended up in a place like this. Now, I have the problem solving skills to know that I could have made different decisions with better outcomes for myself. (Kyle is now a licensed practical nurse)

— Kylie Mandan, Youth Correctional Facility, Mandan, ND —