Our Money-Back Guarantee


We promise this: If your student has not demonstrated progress after the first eight completed tutoring sessions as defined by reduction of symptoms compared to the initial assessment, you can discontinue the service and receive a FULL refund for all eight tutoring sessions (8 x $35 = $280). Return all the materials to us (a large library of books), and we will also return the registration and materials fee, minus restocking fee to return the books to our shelves. That is an additional $250, totaling a $530 refund. We do not refund the consultation fee ($85), as it is a delivered service.

Our tutoring system requires three initial steps:

(1) The starting consultation. Cost: $85. This is an essential step. We start all students in Read Right tutoring at their optimum oral reading level. To identify this, we conduct a brief assessment of oral reading skill. This process identifies non-readers, which requires an additional assessment for basic phonics knowledge. During the consultation, we also provide a mini-lesson so that parents can preview and the student can experience our methods. After the session, you decide whether to continue.

(2) Registration and materials. After you say, “Let’s go,” we build and send to you a customized library of 30 to 40 properly-leveled and nationally-published books that your student will use to eliminate the reading problem. The combined cost for the large library and registration is $300. Real books (mostly non-fiction to build vocabulary and background knowledge) are the only materials we use with our highly structured tutoring methods.

(3) Tutoring sessions are scheduled. We work with you to determine your tutoring times. We recommend at least two days each week. Faster results will be achieved with three to five days per week. The more time invested in fixing the reading problem, the faster the results.