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Meaning-Based Program Transforms Boy into Reader

Reading Improvement
Virtually Anywhere!

Read Right’s highly effective tutoring is now available online for children, teens, and adults. Our caring Online Tutors are well trained in the comprehensive Read Right Tutoring System and use LIVE video conferencing technology so student and tutor can see and hear each other. Tutor anywhere—at home, school, or on the road!

Why Online Tutoring?

Quick Results

Read Right tutoring works to quickly, and dramatically improve reading ability. You will notice a significant difference in only eight sessions, and the student will ultimately become a totally excellent reader.

Less Costly

Because Read Right works more quickly than other reading intervention programs, you’ll end up spending less for better results!

Live, Real-Time Interaction

Students develop a positive relationship with their tutor, working as a team to realize success via live video conferencing that’s easy to access from virtually any home computer.

A REAL Guarantee

Other programs’ guarantees offer more of what’s not working. Our money-back guarantee promises that if after the first eight tutoring sessions, the student has not demonstrated progress as defined by a reduction of the symptoms that emerge during an oral read, the program can be discontinued and the client can return all the materials for a full refund of tutoring and materials charges. Only the $85.00 reading consultation charge is non-refundable.

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How Read Right was developed

The Research
Behind Read Right

When her own son struggled with reading, Read Right co-founder Dr. Dee Tadlock researched how the brain learns a process and what brains do when they are reading well. The Read Right methodology reflects what she learned in her three years of research.

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