Are you a PARENT whose child needs help with reading, or an ADULT who wants to improve?

Are you an EDUCATOR looking for a highly effective, comprehensive reading program?

More Information for Educators & Teachers

Read Right Reading Programs:
For schools and institutions

For decades, solutions for reading problems have focused on individual word identification. Read Right Reading Programs for all ages focus on efficient brain function and complex cognitive processing in the context of sentence reading.

This means the methodology addresses every aspect of reading, not just phonics and word identification.

Read Right is perfect for:
  • K-12 (Public, Private, Charter & Tribal Schools)
  • Special Education
  • Colleges & Workplace Literacy
  • Corrections Facilities
  • Online Tutoring for Groups
Site-Based Programs: For schools, colleges, workforce literacy, and corrections

Read Right Systems will send a training Consultant to the site you designate for seven weeks of hands-on training, spread over 15-18 weeks, to train your staff in our highly structured methods. Your staff will start to work with students immediately—there is no delay for students.

Programs are available for:
  • Grade K-3 Early Reading Development (a whole-class model)
  • Grade 3-12 Reading Intervention (RTI, Spec. Ed., ELL)
  • Adults: College Developmental Reading, ABE & Workplace Literacy

Our comprehensive systems are turn-key. We provide all of the training, materials required to offer your students an exceptionally effective reading program.