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Read Right Reading Programs:
For schools and institutions in Fulton, AL and Alabama State

For decades, solutions for reading problems have focused on individual word identification. Read Right Reading Programs for all ages focus on efficient brain function and complex cognitive processing in the context of sentence reading.

This means the methodology addresses every aspect of reading, not just phonics and word identification.

Read Right is perfect for:
  • K-12 (Public, Private & Tribal Schools)
  • Special Education
  • Alabama Colleges & Workplace Literacy
  • Corrections Facilities
  • Online Tutoring for Groups

The Read Right Reading Program
For Educators

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Read Right Reading Programs are fully grounded in scientific understanding of brain function, learning theory, reading theory, language acquisition theory, cognitive processing theory, and more. The program has been in development for 30 years. In 2010, independent gold-standard research verified that the Read Right Reading Intervention Program for remediation, remedial reading, and the improvement of mild to severe reading problems is highly effective. In July 2011, the research was reviewed and given high marks by scientific experts at the National Center on Response to Intervention.

When your school or campus starts a Read Right program, our consultants come to you in Fulton AL and train your staff to be small group tutors. Your tutors in Fulton AL and Alabama State are trained to provide reading instruction and a reading environment that is highly effective for rapid reading improvement. Unlike any other reading program, Read Right methodology has been applied with success with elementary, middle school, high school, and college students; every grade level and every age group.

For the Reading Intervention Program, your staff will receive 7 weeks of hands on training (spread over 18 weeks). Because training is hands-on, reading instruction for your reading students will start immediately. Your staff will become proficient in the Read Right Reading Intervention Program. This includes everything from performing entry-level student assessments, to use of the instructional methods, project management and student management systems, training materials, implementation manuals, reporting systems, and quality assurance systems.

Up to 4 staff members are trained at a time. They can be certified teacher, instructional aides, or a combination of the two. Each teacher or aide will work with 5 students. These students can be: Title I students, special needs students, readers with dyslexia (dyslexic readers), Special Education students, English language learners (ELL), or any student who has reading problems and needs help with reading skills.

Read Right Provides Everything your School in Fulton AL or Alabama State will need.

See our video testimonies on YouTube.

We encourage you to call and talk to us. 800.427.9440 Let use tell you about how Read Right has helped students all over the country, including response to intervention (RTI) Tier 2 and Tier 3 readers. Students with ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, severe stuttering, learning disabled students struggling with a variety of reading disabilities (including dyslexia), have become successful readers through Read Right tutoring!

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What Parents Are Saying

My son, Chase, started 4th grade a couple of weeks ago and went through all of the usual reading assessments. His teacher told me he came in third in the class…and first in comprehension! THANK YOU for all that you have done for my son to help him become an excellent reader and a confident student. Megan, mother of Chase, a Read Right graduate

Featured Video: Small-Group Tutoring Works to Improve Reading for 5th Graders


Title: 5th Grade Reading Success

We’re the Gilbert...

(They fumble their words and laugh.)

We’re the Gilbert, 5th Grade Read Right Class.

Woman: (Woman can not be seen.)
How many of you have noticed an improvement since you started in Read Right?

Everyone should be raising their hand.

(They all raise their hand.)

I haven’t done good in my tests, and now I’ve been getting 100’s on my bench mark which thing I never did.

Alondra’s reading has improved 3 to 4 grade levels

What were you getting before?

50’s, 40’s.

When I was like in 3rd grade I did not use to read well. I used to read choppy and didn’t get what the text was saying, and then ever since I started Read Right, I’ve been getting all the text. Getting, been doing my work better and been learning more stuff. I can understand everything now.

Sabastian’s reading level has improved 5 to 6 grades

How many of you agree that things you do in Read Right are similar to how you get better at a score or at music?

(They all raise their hand.)

"Cycling" is a regular part of the Read Right program

In like Read Right cycling over it so I can get it right. So like in basketball you can get the play right. When they’re struggling really bad they’ll go to him they’ll cycle, they once they graduate or get out they’ll read much better than they did before.

Christian has gained 4 to 5 grade levels in reading ability

Lesley’s reading has improved 3 to 4 grade levels

There’s nothing to worry about you just have to like believe in yourself and try to read your best. Then you probably get it the next time.

I like Ms Perizollo cuz when we’re having problems she’s always asking us what’s the deal after we’re reading cuz we don’t get our reading excellent and she’s like "what’s the problem".

Ms Perizollo is an Irving ISD employee and the group’s Read Right tutor

She motivates us and tells us to keep trying and trying until we get it right.

She’s really nice and she does not say anything mean to us.

Chris’s reading has improved 3 to 4 grade levels

And where is Ms Perizollo?

(They smile and laugh and point to their left)