Are you a PARENT whose child needs help with reading, or an ADULT who wants to improve?

Are you an EDUCATOR looking for a highly effective, comprehensive reading program?

More Information for Institutions & Educators

Read Right:
Reading Program in Louisiana

The Read Right developmental remedial reading program has been proven to work for students of all ages:


  • Elementary Students
  • High School Students
  • Middle School Students
  • Higher Education Students

Read Right program can be utilized in:
  • K-12 (Public & Private)
  • Native American Reservations (Tribal Schools)
  • Colleges, Universities and Vo-Tech schools
  • Correctional Facilities
Site-Based Programs: For schools, colleges, workforce literacy, and correction facilities in Louisiana State

Read Right Systems will send a training Consultant to the site you designate for five to seven weeks of hands-on training and train your staff in our highly structured methods. Your staff will start to work with students immediately—there is no delay for students.

Programs in Louisiana are available for:
  • Grade K-3 Early Reading Development
  • Grade 3-12 Reading Intervention/RTI & Reading Improvement
  • Adults: College Developmental Reading & Workplace Literacy

Our comprehensive systems are turn-key. We provide all of the training, materials, and equipment required to offer your students an exceptionally effective reading program.

What Parents, Readers and Teachers Are Saying

My daughter was struggling to read since trying to learn sight words in kindergarten. Her teachers would always put her in reading groups during the school year, but she was always still years behind in her reading. I was frustrated and did not know where to go, until I found ReadRight. I had tried other programs, but none of those helped her. I'm glad I tried another program one more time because she became a great reader. She's fluent when reading and if she doesn't know a word she can figure it out on her own, something she couldn't do before. Even though she is no longer in the program, it has allowed her to still grow and she can practice what she was taught. Now she enjoys reading. 

— Amanda Kelley/ parent, CA —