Are you a PARENT whose child needs help with reading, or an ADULT who wants to improve?

Are you an EDUCATOR looking for a highly effective, comprehensive reading program?

More Information for Institutions & Educators

Read Right:
Reading Program in Alabama

The Read Right developmental remedial reading program has been proven to work for students of all ages:


  • Elementary Students
  • High School Students
  • Middle School Students
  • Higher Education Students

Read Right program can be utilized in:
  • K-12 (Public & Private)
  • Native American Reservations (Tribal Schools)
  • Colleges, Universities and Vo-Tech schools
  • Correctional Facilities
Site-Based Programs: For schools, colleges, workforce literacy, and correction facilities in Alabama State

Read Right Systems will send a training Consultant to the site you designate for five to seven weeks of hands-on training and train your staff in our highly structured methods. Your staff will start to work with students immediately—there is no delay for students.

Programs in Alabama are available for:
  • Grade K-3 Early Reading Development
  • Grade 3-12 Reading Intervention/RTI & Reading Improvement
  • Adults: College Developmental Reading & Workplace Literacy

Our comprehensive systems are turn-key. We provide all of the training, materials, and equipment required to offer your students an exceptionally effective reading program.

What Parents, Readers and Teachers Are Saying

I didn't really think I had a reading problem. I've always been really good with school. My mom wanted me to try Read Right just to see what it might do. I was kind of surprised. They start out with easy text and, the harder it got, the more I struggled. I ran sentences together and didn't really know what to do with punctuation. Sometimes I couldn't even tell the tutor what I'd just read. It was messed up. In just two and half months my tutor helped me fix it. Now I read great. I know I'll be ready for high school.

— David, Grade 7, SC —